Women are Life-givers

I grew up hearing my mom (Ps. Sheila) encourage women that every single woman is a life-giver designed by God to give life to others not just biologically, but also through our words, attitudes, and actions. 
Mother’s Day weekend is a time to celebrate for most people, and yet it can also be a very difficult weekend for some (Ladies who lost their mom or don’t have a healthy relationship with her or ladies who don’t have children of their own, or moms who don’t have healthy relationships with their children). 
Whether you are celebrating this weekend or fighting through the pain of this weekend, I want to remind you that we serve the Living God who is more than capable of dancing with us in our joy as well as embracing us in our sorrow.
Find something beautiful to thank God for today, it can be a happy memory, a prayer for the future, or gratitude for something in the present. 
Seeking beauty with you today,
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Jodi Cameron

Jodi Cameron is a wife and a mom of two amazing boys. She is the Executive Director of Ministries at Champions Centre and Bellevue Campus Pastor along with her husband Ryan. Her passion is to empower and unite women to come together and move life forward.