What Are You Teaching Your Kids?

It was a stormy evening when we got that phone call and my heart dropped after I heard, “There’s been an accident.”

It had been less than 15 minutes since our only child, Jodi, and her car full of friends left our house for a school event. The combination of a rain, wind, a dog dashing across the road, and a new driver summed up to become a head-on collision on a busy four-lane road. Thankfully, everyone was okay with just a few bruises and sore bodies.

The accident basically totaled Jodi’s car, and it was ultimately her fault.

On my way to pick her up at the scene of the accident, I didn’t realize how much of a catalyst moment that would become in her life. The grace I showed her as her natural father in the midst of a mistake ended up demonstrating in a very real way the grace that she can receive from her Heavenly Father throughout her life.

Even in an accident, an unforeseen circumstance, or failure, God is a good father ready and willing to deliver grace to His kids.

We all have opportunities in our lives to train up our children (or protégés) so that when they are older they will not depart from it. It could be through teachable moments where questions are asked and advice is given. And, it can also be through living by example without using words.

In the young and impressionable years, we want to help them realize not only how good God is, but also how they can build their faith in a way to sustain them even through rough times in their lives. If we can teach them to have faith as well as what that faith looks like, then we are setting them up for greater success. That’s where the F.A.I.T.H. acronym comes in: it’s the what and how-to of living our lives with faith.

  • Focus on the Positive.

  • Affirm Yourself.

  • Imagine God Doing Something Good .

  • Trust God in Everything.

  • Hope for the Best.

I originally wrote a book called Mind Monsters a few years back, and now we’ve adapted this F.A.I.T.H. acronym into a kid’s book. We want to raise the kids in our world to conquer the Mind Monsters they are facing at home, in school, with their friends, and as they are learning, growing, and navigating through life. As parents or grandparents or teachers, we can help them apply the lessons that are so important in our lives in a way that they can understand and apply them in their own lives.


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Whether speaking on a platform or writing his next book, Kevin Gerald encourages others to move life forward using practical biblical principles. Kevin founded and currently pastors Champions Centre, which is one of the largest non-denominational churches in the Northwest. When not co-pastoring with his wife, Sheila, he enjoys sports, being a papa, and exploring the great outdoors. You can learn more about him at http://kevingerald.tv online.