Passion + Purpose = Power

There was nothing small about what Jesus did. Nobody had a more noble cause. Nobody had so much at stake. Nobody in history endured greater opposition, and walked away with a greater victory than Jesus. Jesus lived with passion and God’s purpose for His life. He stood before Pilate with great passion and purpose. He said, “For this cause, I came into the world.”  

It is as if He were communicating, “I’m not here on accident. I’m here on purpose. I’m not done with what I came here to do."

So if you think I’m going to give up. If you think I’m going to stop short.  If you think I’m going to quit. If you think I’m going to check out. If you think I’m going to call for the angels of heaven to rescue me and get out of this mess, You are wrong, because I am living with passion in God’s purpose for my life.”

I love that about Jesus. We are never more like Jesus than when we live God’s purpose with passion. I know that people are passionate about different things, and you can be passionate about one thing and not passionate about something else. If there’s one area where you and I don’t want to be short on passion, it’s when it comes to God’s purpose. Take time out, and don’t be reluctant. Don’t hold back.  

Hebrews 12:2 says, “Keep your eyes on Jesus.”  I love this scripture in any of the versions, but we are going to look at it in the Message version.

“Keep your eyes on Jesus who both began, and He finished this race that we are now in.  Study how He did it. He never lost sight of where He was headed, that exhilarating finish, in and with God. He could put up with anything along the way, cross, shame, whatever.  And now He’s there, in the place of honor, right alongside God. When you find yourself flagging in your faith, go over that story again, item by item. That long litany of hostility that He plowed through. That will shoot adrenaline into your souls!”

I want to remind you today that your purpose may be different—especially compared to Jesus—but your focus must be as intense. Your determination must be as strong.

He never lost sight of where He was headed. That’s called focus.  

That exhilarating finish in and with God. He could put up with anything along the way, cross, shame, whatever. Now maybe you have never thought of your life like this, but God has called you to do more than exist.  

You were formed for God’s family.  You were made for a purpose, and the fact that you’re alive today is proof that God has a plan for your life.

The moment we accept that reality and don’t question it, we begin to see purpose in our lives. We find ourselves at the intersection where we experience God at His very best in our lives.

When God’s purpose connects with your passion, big things with eternal significance happen in your life. On the third day early in the morning when the followers went with the burial spices, they didn’t find Jesus laying in a tomb. The stone was rolled away. The tomb was empty, and He wasn’t there.  

Death could not hold Him, and the grave could not keep Him down. He got up on the third day. He got up!

When Jesus positioned Himself at the intersection of passion and purpose He lived God’s purpose with great passion, so He experienced God’s great power.

And, we can too.

Every time I watch the Passion, I’m reminded that it is not easy to watch the suffering of Christ. The movie is not an exaggerated form. Mel Gibson who studied the suffering of Christ said, “If anything, we had to pull back on it.”

After watching it, I thought about this verse that we looked at in Hebrews. Just what the writer said happens to me—it shoots adrenaline into my soul. It wasn’t just witnessing the suffering alone. It was the strength through the suffering that I observed. It spoke to me again. It reminded me again of why Jesus is my hero. He’s the Jesus that I can look to and say, “Now that’s why!” That’s why! That’s the reason why I’m going to abandon smallness in my life. That’s why I’m not going to live for God in a small way. I’m going to live for God’s purpose in a big way. That’s why! That’s why when the whole thing go bigger or go home comes around in my mind. I’m going to say: “I’m going big for God, and God’s purpose in my life.”

If you find yourself lagging in your faith, look again! Look at Jesus again. It’s like seeing a world class fighter who’s losing but stays up for one more round. What a champion!  

It’s when we try to live in the halfway zone that things are hard. I always try to remind people that if you live for God easy, it’s going to be hard. But if you live for God hard, it’s easy.  

I don’t mean it’s easy because we are free from troubles and heartache. Instead, I believe when we are living for God hard—with passion in His purpose—we experience His great power in our lives! No matter what comes our way, we can handle it through His strength and not our own.

There was nothing small about what Jesus did for us.

What can you do this week to go big for Jesus?

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Whether speaking on a platform or writing his next book, Kevin Gerald encourages others to move life forward using practical biblical principles. Kevin founded and currently pastors Champions Centre, which is one of the largest non-denominational churches in the Northwest. When not co-pastoring with his wife, Sheila, he enjoys sports, being a papa, and exploring the great outdoors. You can learn more about him at online.