Our Staff's Top 5 Coffee Shops in Washington

If you follow Jesus, it's practically a commandment that "thou shalt love coffee," (HeBREWS 3:16, KJV). All kidding aside, our staff loves a good cup of coffee or tea, and we enjoy being in places that have a great atmosphere. (Details truly do matter for us.) With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of places for you to go, and we especially recommend to do devos there as well. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we take our coffee seriously, so you can take our recommendations to the coffee bean bank. (We just made that up, but now it's a thing.) Try these out, and let us know what you think!


For those looking for our local version of Cheers, where they truly try to remember your name. An added bonus is each location is surrounded by other things to see and do.

Metronome Coffee | Tacoma, WA

For the sun lovers, Metronome’s outside couches are the best for an iced coffee while pouring into your devotions. (Note: Best enjoyed in the summer.)


Their mission is to serve others, make a difference, and have fun, and we can get behind that and their woodsy atmosphere nestled in a bustling city. Plus, their coffee is amazing.

Storyville Coffee | Seattle, WA

This place is for those of you looking for your quintessential Seattle view, enjoy quality coffee overlooking Pikes Place Market at one of our favorite places to go, but you'll have your work cut out to find it!  

Zoka Coffee | Kirkland, WA

The Kirkland location is tucked away downtown on a European-inspired street with large windows that give its clean aesthetic space lots of natural light.

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