Live Free From Offense

New call-to-actionMany people are looking for an offense rather than overlooking it.

Ouch. That one hurt. Raise your hand if that’s you. It’s okay. There’s no judgment. Our hand is raised too. Every single one of us have felt offended at one point or another. However, here's the reason why we want to move past the feeling of offense: you will remain offendable and bitter. We know it’s hard, but if you choose to shift your focus to all the blessings happening around you, you will always be joyful and expectant. The Apostle Paul wrote in a letter to the church at Rome that “We, of course don’t see what is enlarging us. But the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy,” (Romans 8:25, MSG). Let’s rest in Paul’s words here. As he wrote them, he was sitting in a Roman prison. If you think the conditions are bad in the jails in prisons in the United States today, they’ve got nothing on what Paul was experiencing in his time. He had every right to be bitter and offended, but he was actively choosing not to be and instead waiting with expectation for what was to come.

We must face the fact that there will be times when we get offended over things like: not getting the invitation to a party that everyone else you know is going to. Or sometimes your boss praises your coworker instead of you on a group project you worked on together but doesn’t acknowledge any of your efforts. There will be times when you won’t receive a thank you card for the wedding gift you gave someone. It can be a real pain to overlook these moments, but the Bible is clear that if we keep our focus on God and His Word, He will maintain such peace in our heart that we can become resistant to offenses. “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them,” (Psalm 119:165, KJV). Feeling the urge to be unoffendable? Here are some steps you can take today to becoming an unoffendable person:

Focus on others.

When you’re easily offended or are always feeling attacked or getting your feelings hurt, often it’s a result of being preoccupied with yourself. Get your focus off yourself and see how you can make someone else’s day today.

Express when you’re hurt and let your feelings be known.

Find a healthy way of expressing your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. If you’re not comfortable addressing what you’re feeling to others get like Jesus and do so in prayer.

Know God is Bigger.

It’s easy to give the people who have hurt us more influence over our thoughts, actions, and attitude for the day than we give God. We tend to magnify the meanness and hatred that is coming from another person. Offense happens, just don’t make what offended you bigger than God, because God will always be bigger.

Rise Up!

The mercy that covers you also covers the same person that hurt you. STOP waiting for the person that wronged you to be hurt in return. Justice can be found in how we rise up from the ashes, rather than how your enemies “pay” for what they did to you.

You’ve got this. We believe that an unoffendable life is possible for you. We want you to pass this test! You can dig deeper in the Offense Test by reading Proving Ground 2.0: Nine Tests That Prove Your Potential.




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