How to Serve When Your Schedule is Full

Are you like me? Managing my busy schedule is tough, but my ability to juggle all the flying objects while still managing to shower daily and apply mascara (while in the car on the way to my next activity)—is impressive! It’s clear every schedule needs an overhaul on occasion to make the necessary adjustments for things like . . . well our sanity.

Most people I know are in constant process of keeping their marriage fresh, juggling their activities plus their kid’s, meeting work deadlines, maintaining friendships, staying on top of their budget just like Dave Ramsey told us to, and attending church at least once a week.

At Champions Centre, we’re immersed in a culture that takes on the example Jesus set to serve others: “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many,” (Matthew 10:45, NLT).

So how do we live our full lives loving God and loving others?

We continue to SERVE:

Feeling like you have way too much to do all the time? Try making a list of your weekly non-negotiable activities. Sometimes just seeing them written in a simplified and organized manner removes that overwhelmed feeling and reveals what’s really important. Perspective shows you possibility.  

Does your list include activities that FILL YOU UP? Your energy reserves need to be renewed regularly. Are you getting enough rest? Do you love going for walks? Is a coffee date with a mentor something that builds you up? Make sure these are included.

Reserving time for rest, Bible reading, worship, and prayer are the foundations for a strong connection with God. We cannot let these practices go to the wayside. Protecting the growth of our personal relationship with God is our power source!

Hold value over the causes that move you to action. Every time we serve toward that cause, the experience produces great impact and fulfillment. Champions Centre and Champions Foundation provide countless ways to get involved, and there are opportunities for your entire family to serve together, so you won’t have to compromise family time.

Practice serving and then evaluate the health of your REPS (Relational, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual). I’m sure you will Move Life Forward. Your family will grow together in unity through the experience of serving. Your faith will have deep roots after seeing God use you to help others.

SERVE and allow your schedule to become another way to honor Jesus.

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