How to Open the Door to Your Next Opportunity

“Your ability to gain and maintain credibility is what opens the door to your next opportunity.”–Kevin Gerald

Boom. Mic drop. Reading those words is inspiring and challenging yet convicting and crippling all in one sentence. If you really think about it, you’ve probably experienced in your life what it looks like to gain and lose credibility. You could have done a great job at work and received a promotion or maybe you told a lie to a friend that ended a friendship. Whatever your history of credibility has looked like, we’re here to help you to continue to improve.

Credibility is a combination of what you do, who you are, and how others view you.

So here’s how you can improve your credibility in 3 ways:

1) What you do.

Evaluate your daily actions, and put aside what you hope that you would do to focus on what you actually do in your days. Ask yourself this question: in the last 30 days, are your actions moving you towards more credibility or away from it? What can you do this next month to improve? Knowing the implications of your actions helps you to plan for the person you are called to be.

2) Who you are.

Self-awareness is key to your credibility, because you might have blind spots that lessen your opportunities in front of you. This could include your competence level, your character, or your personality. Ask people you respect and trust if you have any blind spots that you need to know about and take steps to improve in those areas.

3) How others view you.

We hear it all the time in our society that it doesn’t matter what people think, and that’s right to some degree. But every day, there’s an opportunity for each of us to “Eat the meat and throw away the bones,” and what we mean by that is with every piece of feedback or criticism, there is something that we can take away to improve the person on the inside of us. This is especially true of those people who are in authority positions above you, because ultimately, they will be the ones to help promote you. Passing this will require you to see every opportunity as a teachable moment for you to take a step closer to your next open door.

We want you to pass this test! You can dig deeper in the Credibility Test by reading Proving Ground 2.0: Nine Tests That Prove Your Potential.


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