How to Make New Traditions for Christmas

Sweet baby Jesus, it's Christmas time once again! A time where you surround yourself around the people who mean the most to you. A time to make the best memories to end the year with a bang. If you and your family (or friends) are looking for some fun unusual memories to make this holiday season, you’ve come to the right page. Let’s make this holiday season one for the books!

Experience Christmas around the world without leaving your city!

Grab your passports (figuratively) and choose a different country each year. Then, gather a group of people you value and have a research party with eggnog, holiday music, and hot cider. Find a county that has different holiday traditions that you’re not too familiar with; and try to incorporate them into your own.

Do something for someone else.

Feeling charitable this year? Gather a group and host a Christmas party for seniors at a local retirement home.

Write letters to remember.

Have each person in your family or friends group write a “Dear Santa” or “Dear God” letter each year and collect them to share together around the holidays as everyone gets older.

For the families with little kids—let’s try something different this year.

Instead of placing all the presents under the tree, make those little rascals search for their gifts. Leave clues as to where the presents are, and have them hunt for the treasure. Once all the gifts are found, allow them to open them, but if all the gifts aren’t found, nobody can open their presents. Let the games begin!

Santa typically gets milk and cookies, but what about the poor reindeer?

If you’re celebrating the holiday with children of any age, it could be fun to create reindeer goody bags that include things like oatmeal, glitter, carrots, and sprinkles; and on Christmas Eve spread it out for Santa’s reindeer to enjoy while he’s preoccupied delivering presents. “Sprinkle this reindeer food outside tonight. The moonlight will make it sparkle bright. As the reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home.”

For the couples . . .

You’ve all seen 12 days of Christmas, right? Well, what if we turned it into “12 DATES of Christmas?” This new tradition allows you to focus on experiences and spending time together, and it works well for couples with or without kids. After all, it’s important to spend quality time with your loved ones!

Don’t forget the Christmas Pickle!  

You heard us right! The pickle isn't just any old Christmas ornament. It's a sign of good luck! Families that follow the Christmas Pickle tradition hang the pickle ornament on the tree last, deep within the branches. The first child to find the pickle on Christmas morning gets a fun gift. (Don’t have a pickle ornament? Pick a fun and unique ornament to hide!)

Get to your Elf duties.

Getting "Elf-ed" (or doing the "Elf-ing”) is a fun way to include the neighborhood in your holiday festivities. Fill a bag or basket with holiday treats or goodies and leave it on your neighbor’s porch—just don't let them see you! Once somebody has left a surprise on your porch, you hang a sign letting everyone know you've been Elf-ed, that way everyone gets a chance to join in the fun.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and that you make some fun new traditions this year! Let us know your fun traditions by posting about it on social media and tagging @championscentre!

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