God Moves When We Move

What I wanted to “do” changed several times when I was growing up. At one point I wanted to be a doctor, then a nutritionist, a coach, a business owner, an athlete, and, then a pastor. Plans changed along the way, but looking back I can see a common thread—I always wanted to use my voice and influence to help people. Even though I didn't know exactly what I wanted all the time, I figured out what I wanted in those seasons of my life and got moving in a positive direction.

The primary reason most of us don't see God moving is simply because we aren't moving. See, most of us want God to provide some kind of miraculous sign before we commit . . . have you ever been there before? But it doesn't always work like that.

Our friend Nehemiah—in the Bible—didn't wait for a sign. He had the courage to put his job (and, really his life) on the line in front of the king that day. And when he did, God confirmed the passion with signs following. The king didn't just write him a nice reference, the king basically wrote him a blank check to support the rebuilding of Nehemiah’s heritage in Jerusalem. (Read the full story in the book of Nehemiah).

"faith doesn't follow signs, but instead, signs follow faith."

I've learned that more often than not, faith doesn't follow signs, but instead, signs follow faith. It is a biblical pattern. And, I've seen it several times in my own life. From seventh grade on I knew I wanted to get a full ride basketball scholarship to a large university. I not only visualized it constantly, but it got me up in the morning before school to practice once I got into high school, and it kept me late after scheduled practices at night, I was recruiting my parents and friends to rebound for me so I could practice my shot for hours—and when no one was available I would shoot baskets alone for hours. 

When I decided to entertain the idea of attending Western Washington University and agreed to tryout for the team they were only offering me a partial scholarship. When I was done with the tryout I had had one of the most amazing shooting days of my entire life (before or after!) that day and following the tryout the coaches took me to dinner and offered me a full ride scholarship. I acted first in faith and signs followed.

"Don’t get stuck in the 'paralysis of analysis.'"

Think about it like this: just do something and watch God follow up your faith with His favor. See if you can answer the question for your life, “What do you want?” If you don't have the answer just yet, don't give up your search but also—don't stop moving! Allow God to show up in your life by doing what you can do with what you have on your way to finding out what it is that you want. And, once you discover what you want I believe you’ll be able to push past fears, seize the opportunities set before you, and live in God’s constant and increasing favor.

Simply said: GET MOVING. Don’t get stuck in the “paralysis of analysis.” Get moving and watch God move in your heart and mind and passion and opportunities!

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Jodi Cameron

Jodi Cameron is a wife and a mom of two amazing boys. She is the Executive Director of Ministries at Champions Centre and Bellevue Campus Pastor along with her husband Ryan. Her passion is to empower and unite women to come together and move life forward.