Finding Your Sweet Spot

One of the most difficult questions you can ask someone is: what are you going to do with your life? The age of the person you ask could determine how sure or unsure their answer could be, but whether they are 15 or 55, the future still looks foggy in comparison to what’s in front of them right now.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we have an idea of what we think our future could look like, but if we take a look at our actions right now, they often don’t line up with the greater outcome God has for us.

So the real question is: how do we get through the fog of the unknown to find ourselves on the other side in the “right” place? We have to discover our Sweet Spot. It’s the place where your gifts and passions live, and it’s also where you feel uncomfortable. It pushes you outside of where you settle but does it in a way that propels you forward. Want to know how to get there?

Self-awareness is key.

If you have ever gotten lost in a mall, you know how frustratingly impossible it feels to find what you are looking for. Then in the distance, you see a map that seems to glow with the hope of finding your way. You run to it only to find the greatest gift these mall maps give you: the big red dot that says you are here.

You can’t get to where you want to go without knowing where you are starting from. The same is true with your sweet spot. Understanding your personality, your spiritual gifts, where your passions lie, knowing what motivates you and stretches you all play into finding your sweet spot of personal growth. Yes that’s right, growth requires stretching, and stretching can be painful. But, the outcome is that you become stronger and more capable to take on the next level of potential God has for you.

But you have to get uncomfortable. If you spend most of your days doing things you know how to do and what you’ve always done, there’s no room for growth. Remember the fog is covering the future, but if you don’t do anything to grow yourself right now, your future is going to look the same as your present.

Step outside your comfort zone. Know the gifts that God has given you, and see where your sweet spot will take you.

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