Feeding Faith

Which lion are you feeding this week? No, I’m not talking about The Lion King, although I can’t wait to see the updated remake!

Maybe you’ve heard that we all have a Faith Lion and a Fear Lion inside of us.  When we “feed” the Faith Lion, the Fear Lion starves (win!) and vice versa (boo!).  As we feed the Faith Lion it gets bigger and stronger while the Fear Lion gets weaker and smaller basically intimidated by the Mufasa sized Faith Lion.

We need to choose to feed our Faith Lion this week.

Here’s a quick take on what it looks like to feed your Faith Lion:

  1. Think Faith: Redirect the inner-dialogue to think faith. This is a habit that takes time to develop, but keep working at it. Think thoughts that direct you closer to God, closer to your church community, and closer to the Word of God. “Take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.”  2 Corinthians 4-5
  2. Pray Faith: Declare the best outcome as you pray and believe that God hears you when you pray (whether it’s out loud or in your head). Pray like you know God is on your side and willing to do good in your situation; because He is! Then, pray for God’s will to happen and believe He always has your best interest in mind.
  3. Speak Faith: Use your words to say good things, faith things, and God-like things. You can find some great inspiration for this in the Bible. Start with Romans 8:18-32  if you want something to memorize—it’s a great place to begin. Instead of using your words to speak defeat and fear, choose to use your words to build the faith of yourself and others!

You can Think Faith, Pray Faith, and Speak Faith! Let’s feed the Faith Lion and make the Fear Lion scared!

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Jodi Cameron

Jodi Cameron is a wife and a mom of two amazing boys. She is the Executive Director of Ministries at Champions Centre and Bellevue Campus Pastor along with her husband Ryan. Her passion is to empower and unite women to come together and move life forward.