Exploring The DNA of Great Teams

When you walk into a new space for the first time, you can tell if that place has IT. You know what IT is. There is an intangible quality that makes IT stand out. Some places have IT, many do not. 

IT is very difficult to quantify. But you’ll never forget IT when you experience IT.

If all it took to build a great church was a building and stage and lights, good sound systems, trendy social media posts, and craft coffee in the lobby, churches everywhere would be booming. The truth is, IT takes something more than this. IT takes something far more intangible and it’s  staring us right in the face. 

IT... takes a great team. 

Teams are at the heart of every successful endeavor. You don’t have to go far before you see groups of two or more people gathered together, interacting and working together. These interactions within teams can serve to move the group forward toward their goal. But at the same time, these interactions can produce stress, frustration, distrust—quickly grinding the team to a halt.

Simon Sinek, in Leaders Eat Last, says it like this: “When the people have to manage the dangers from inside the organization, the organization itself becomes less able to face the dangers from outside. An unhealthy culture feels dangerous to people on the team. It breeds suspicion, fuels discouragement, and ultimately kills results.” 

When it comes to church life, our mission is too crucial for us to be caught up in an unhealthy team culture. Every moment a team member spends looking over their shoulder checking on the people who should have their back is a moment that team member is not focused on our mission. 

"our mission is too CRUCIAL for us to be caught up in an unhealthy team culture."

Great teams are more than just a pipe dream—but they can only be a reality when they have a code. Great teams have a specific DNA that makes them great. I believe if you can crack the code, you can build a great team that will stop at nothing to see earth look more like heaven. 

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome the Team Church tribe to our annual gathering next week for a reimagined Team Church Conference. Our team has been busy for months designing a space for teams to grow together in a dynamic and fresh conference format. I hope you’re planning to join us, either here in Tacoma or TC Live. It won’t be the same without you.

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