5 Things to know about a Church Kids Classroom

We have to admit: whenever someone says that our Church Kids Classes are childcare or daycare, we cringe. It’s just two words to describe that your children are being watched, but Church Kids is so much more than that. Here’s a list of 5 things to know about a Church Kids Classroom:

1. This is more than just a childcare program, it’s a huge and impactful ministry!

Every weekend experience is treated as an opportunity for a child to learn more about Jesus—who He is and how to follow Him. Our Church Kid Classrooms are filled with learning through play, dance, worship, and even conflict (kids, need we say more). This ministry has a unique and God-assigned function that can go forward and bless generations to come. It’s a serious ministry with serious goals with the main focus about teaching our kids at their own level what it means to love God and others.

2. The most important rule in a Church Kids Classroom is to Have Fun!

As a teacher, you set the tone and the fun meter. Going in with a task list of to-do’s is helpful but not as important as taking the time to meet the kids wherever they are. Like taking a rambunctious group of toddlers and putting on some upbeat worship music and showing them we can use our high energy to praise God. Our biggest goal is that kids leave the classrooms filled with joy from praising God and a desire to learn more about Him.

3. Silliness is a requirement.

There’s an unspoken thought that you need to meet a laundry list of requirements when teaching kids about Jesus, but this is so far from the truth. The best teachers look like a volunteer who can show up consistently, are okay with being silly, singing songs out of tune, and sometimes getting their hands into some play dough. The beauty of working with children is that it can be fun and silly, and they’ll still learn something huge and impactful. You don’t have to know the Bible from cover to cover to qualify, although that’s an amazing thing. You just have to be present and enjoy being a little silly.

4. What you receive is way more than what you give. 

Anyone serving on this team will agree: we get WAY more than what we give. On the Church Kids Team whether you serve in a classroom or on the cleaning team—your contribution is connected to the growing and developing of the next generation of Christ followers. It was best described like this: “We might not always see the blessings that come of our serving each week, but God is honoring and watering the seeds we plant each weekend. We’re confident that when these kiddos go through trials in their lives, they will have a strong foundation to pass those tests!” -Crystal Fio, Church Kids Director of Preschool, Nursery, and Sonshine room

5. You walk away blessed.

In the Church Kids Classroom, more times than not, volunteers walk away feeling like they were the ones being blessed. Spending any time in any classroom and witnessing babies who just learned to walk, raise their hands in worship of Jesus will be sure to melt your heart. We love hearing preschoolers get excited and share with their parents what they learned about in class and parents saying that it led them to opening their Bible. Then we discover a story of elementary grade brothers rapping their memory verses to each other before a dentist appointment for extra encouragement. It’s these moments that really remind us of why we do what we do and what Church Kids Classes are all about.

We want to see the next generation grow up to be strong in their faith and for them to do more than what we even can see now in the future of the church.

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