5 Things to Bring Jesus into the Center of Your Family

Laundry piled high. Dishes left in the sink. Homework still needs to be finished. Default mode has set in: sit on the couch and watch what’s on tv. There’s nothing wrong with spending quality time with your kids even if it means watching tv together or resting from the day’s activities and tasks. However, take a moment to honestly assess how you feel your family is doing at putting God at the center. If you’re like most people, you probably thought to yourself that this is an area that you can improve in. The Bible encourages us to “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it,” (Psalm 22:6, NIV) But the question is—where do you even start? We’ve put together 5 ways you can start to put Jesus at the center of your family:

Worship together.
This can look different for everyone. It could be turning on some worship music in the morning. You could even have each person in the family get to be the worship song chooser each day. Monday’s could be mom’s choice. Tuesday’s could be oldest child’s choice, and so on. But if you feel like your mornings are too busy for this, consider a nightly routine of worship before bed. We’ve also heard that leaving worship music on as kids fall asleep is a great way to develop their own worship and prayer life.

Take Communion.
A great scripture to help understand the importance of communion is 1 Corinthians 11:23–26. Read this scripture together as a family and talk about what it means. Then take communion together. It could be as simple as some crackers and grape juice, but the act of doing it together as a family is about you acknowledging what Jesus has done and the access you now have to Him.

Pray together.
Take this as a challenge to make prayer time as a family fun and interactive. Don’t make it like the same old prayers. Model what bold prayer looks like, and encourage everyone to pray in agreement.

Read the Bible together.
There are some really great Bible reading plans for families on the YouVersion Bible app. Take a vote on which one you should do first, and take each day at a time. Don’t dominate the conversation either. Allow your kids to open up about what they are learning.

Continue to make church a priority.
As a family with Jesus at the center, church is already a priority. Your church day could be multiple days a week from church to serving to Life Groups. By scheduling in church time, you’re showing your whole family the importance of being involved in church, but you can also make it fun in the process.

Remember, we’re not always going to get this right, but as we take small steps in the right direction, God is going to reveal new opportunities and areas of growth for your family.

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