10 Years from Now


What will your family say about you 10 years from now? It is an important question to think about, because every day, you are influencing what your loved ones will say about the person you are. Are you headed in a direction where their words will be positive or negative? Will they think of you as a person with integrity, generosity, and compassion? The Bible says, “The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them,” (Proverbs 20:7, NLT)

How you live your life now adds to the legacy you give to your children and family in the future. So if you want to live greater and create a new legacy for your family—a legacy that 10 years from now would be better than what it is today—here are some suggestions:

Dedicate your heart for your family to God.
The legacy for your family will always come out of your heart. Ask God’s help on learning what your family needs. This is the foundation on creating a new legacy.

Designate who you will build your legacy into.
This is important because not all family is blood-related but also can be spiritually related. A legacy lives on in the people that are most connected to us.

Define the legacy you want to create.
Write down the legacy as well as what values, principles, gifts, talents, opportunities, and resources you can use to invest. Review this daily to keep you focused and motivated. An example would be on a notes app, notebook, or a collage board.

Demonstrate the legacy you want to build.
You must align your actions with the future legacy you want. It is what you do consistently, not occasionally, that makes the greatest impact.

Determine to stay future-minded about the legacy you are building.
Get feedback from other legacy-minded people. Journal your legacy journey to learn from the mistakes and the successes.

It is never too late to start creating a new legacy for your family. Keep doing your best to serve your family, prioritize, and plan your life around the legacy you want to create, and trust God for the victory. 10 years from now, you’ll know God is saying well done, good and faithful servant.

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